Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gap widens in hospital patient satisfaction

Press Ganey Associates Inc., which measures healthcare satisfaction across thousands of healthcare delivery organizations has issued this press release about the widening gap in hospital patient satisfaction.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) from the University of Michigan has shown that consumers' satisfaction with healthcare has decreased significantly over the past several years," says Melvin F. Hall, PhD, president and chief executive officer of Press Ganey...

Press Ganey data confirms what many healthcare policy experts have been saying about healthcare -- the landscape presents a lot of mediocrity with pockets of excellence and [pockets of] very poor care.


Anonymous Tom Vander Well said...

The results in the research are interesting and I have no problem believing the overall trends. The struggle I've always had with the large, national healthcare surveys is that that the key drivers of patient sat and their subsequent relationship to overall sat can vary greatly from region to region and market to market. The best thing local healthcare providers can do is find out what THEIR patients expect and then work to meet/exceed those expectations.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see that my recent brief hospitalization may have been exceptional. The surgeon, the other medical staff -- everyone was so brilliant, professional and kind.

5:40 AM  

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