Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bed rest part 2

I think that this op-ed really bothered me because Bilston is the nightmare of every compassionate doctor. You take the time to explain your recommendation, your reasoning behind it, the evidence that may or may not support it, trying to give the patient all the tools she needs to be an informed "consumer" of health care. Nonethless, Bilston insists that the doctor somehow forced her to go on bedrest even though he secretly knew that it wouldn't help.

The doctor did eveything a good doctor is supposed to do and now he's reading about himself in a whiny op-ed in the NYTimes.

If you want to be a "consumer" of health care, you MUST take responsibility for your decisions. The doctor virtually told her that he felt that he had no choice (from a medico-legal point of view), but to recommend bed test, even though he did not believe that it would work. It was Bilston's decision to follow the medico-legal recommendation instead of the doctor's personal views.


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